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Line. It is contained in every thing in the world, every thing that comes into being, grows and disappears, as well as leaves traces behind.

나의 선들은 어떤 의미나 상징을 내포하지 않는다. 그저 캔버스 위에 놓여져 있는 특수한 사물들이다. 밝은 빛이 쏟아져 들어와 실내가 갑자기 밝아지면 공기중에 떠 다니는 무수히 작은 입자들이 모습을 드러낸다. 마치 그들처럼, 나의 선들 하나하나는 너무 사소해서 정체성을 부여할 수 없다. 그 들은 그저, 모여서 엉켜 있거나 흩어져서 멈춰 있기도 하고, 멀리 사라져 가거나 앞으로 다가 오기도 하며 깊고 든든한 하얀 공간 속에 머무른다,

그저 스스로.

My lines do not have any meanings nor they symbolize anything. They are mere things dwelling in white canvas.
They are just like tiny particles that reveal themselves from the air when light gleams into a room. My lines reveal themselves naturally. Nonetheless, my lines are mere things that it would be meaningless to assign them with identities.
My lines are free from being identified. They disperse and comingle. They approach and fade away. They hide and seek inside the their own world of white canvas,

just as they are.

Artist_Youngla Park_The Others VI
The Others VI

pencil and acrylic on canvas
40×40 inch/ 100 x 100 cm