Vincent Minsook Yang


Vincent Minsook Yang finds the meaning of life in space and time. It is a comprehensive scope that means not only the movement of space, but also the movement from birth to death from the present to the future. Therefore, the realm of his art world is a journey of expression that transcends time and space, which is not confined to one place, and through that journey, he seeks the pursuit of a valuable life.

“I like the philosopher Gabriel Marcel, who defined all mankind as a Home Viator,” says Minsook Yang, who also receives inspiration for his work.  Like a wanderer who sets fire rather than settle in one place and  set s out on his own to find the meaning of life, his work returns to the canvas in a unique way of expression.

He has many stories in his works. The emotions felt are complex, and the objects listed are diverse.  However, the integrated message that draws attention is the deep contemplation that can be felt in his work, and it makes us think that it may be the meaning and value of life that we should think about at least once.

The artist explains that the artist tried to express creative values while pursing an advanced form of art from metaphorically or symbolically from realistic depiction to abstraction.


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